We Are in Need of Carpenters for a Couple of Weeks

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Some workers attaching re-bars to make the pillars for the Guerriers children’s home.

Yesterday, the Guerriers’ shack was demolished.

On the right, their shack after demolition.

The dirt house behind their shack was also demolished to give more space to their new home.

We are looking for a carpenter for a couple of weeks right now!

Our project funds will provide free room and board for him.

Tasks that need to be done:

1. Build a 3 m X 7 m tin roof with a wooden frame for the Guerriers children’s home.  Their house is made of cement blocks.

2. Make a picnic table with benches.

3. Construct a 3 m X 4 m tin shelter to provide shade for their yard.

4. Make four wooden doors for their house.

If you are interested, please contact us now before purchasing your plane ticket at: mlcharb@haitiministries.com