Rainy Season

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Schools under tents, not very comfortable with the heat.

Once their fear has passed, some of those whose houses did not suffer any damage during the earthquake, went back to live in them.   The rainy season has come and it rains hard.

We had ten special days of prayer called: Ten Days to Pentecost.  Some received healing and others were filled with the Holy Spirit.    One of our preachers told us how a five year old girl told her parents that during the five days she spent under the rubble, every day, a man wearing a white coat brought her bread and water.

In April, we hosted a team from Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in Hamilton. That church has been heavily supporting our Feeding Program for many years.  We had wonderful services with them. They also worked at painting our new building.  Phase #1 of our project is nearly completed.


Bob Thornley, our project manager, spent nearly two years with us.  It is the end of his contract. Phase #1 of our construction project is nearly completed.  He goes back home to Canada. We hope that he returns when he finds the necessary funds. Thank you Bob for the hard work.

Tami Goslow (centre) spent eleven months with us as a Volunteer in Mission.  She is at the end of her contract.  She’s going back to Canada to raise the funds to return to Haiti.   Thank you Tami for the good work!

We cannot close this letter without saying thank you for your support.  God has a great harvest in Port-au-Prince.  He wants to use you to partner with us in his harvest. Without your help, we would not be able to make it.