Tropical Storm/Tornado

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This past Friday, we had a tropical storm or a tornado during our children church’s service.  The storm hit us so suddenly that we did not have the time to seek a shelter.  In our yard, two of our big trees were struck down.  One of the water tanks fell off the roof.  The local news says that thousands of tents were destroyed by the wind.

The wind was so strong that the three church’s cooks fell onto the floor when our almond tree fell.  Lots of children ran away in the street.  It was as dangerous to be in the street as it was to be in our yard due to the tin roofs.  Five people were killed and 57 were injured.  We have been without power and running water since then. One of the trees hit our roof pipes while falling.  Thank God, none of our children were injured.

August and September passed by and we have not seen it.  With the help of Francine Pagé and Pierre Dugal from Quebec and Elsie and her son Joshua from British Columbia, we took the pictures of 668 children.

We had them write a letter and make a drawing to their sponsors and we collected the school books to use them next year.  668 children and youth are enrolled in Child Care Plus/Haiti and 500 are sponsored.

A team from Quebec came in September.

We had six days of special services with Pastor Stephane Vincent. Several people committed their lives to Christ.  The Lord truly met us, refreshed us and encouraged us through this time.

The team made sixty benches for our dining room at the new building.

We are proud to announce you that on June 17, our fourth grandson was born. His name is Eli Jacob Cohen. He is the son of Pierre and Mirjam Charbonneau.  He is another great blessing to our hearts.

Eli at two months old

On September 26, Pastor Michel water baptised 26 of our youth. What a great blessing it was!

Two candidates applied for our school construction project, one as the site boss and the other one as project manager.   The work will probably start in January.

Thanks for your wonderful support.  We wish we could send you more than a thank you note. As we often say, without you, we would be unable to do the work in Haiti.

We pray God’s blessings on you.