Toothaches Are Relieved!

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Two dentists came to Haiti.  In fifteen days of work, they extracted 397 teeth, repaired 117 and did four major surgeries.  Unfortunately, they were not able to see all patients.

Back row:  Dentist Jalbert and Francine, a nurse from Edmundston, NB.

First row:  Dentist Demers and Sarah Maude, her daughter, from Acton Vale, QC.

At the end of the day, the rays of sun gently shine on the making of thirty benches and ten tables for our church.  Two weeks later, nearly all the benches are full at the children’s service.

All around our sanctuary a beautiful boarder has been painted by Sarah, Herve, and Junior

The electricity has been installed in all classrooms but we still need to connect the ceiling cables to the switch.

Sparks twirl around under the saw, cutting tables, and bench legs.

Brigitte, Sarah, Sherby and Assenique teach a Creole song entitled: “The soap washes my face.”

Pastor Stephan Vincent preached at our Sunday morning youth service.  Stephan and his wife, Brigitte, plan on moving to Haiti in the coming year.

A joint team from St-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Varennes, Longueuil, Québec and Edmundston

We passed out 3,000 flyers in schools to invite the youth to see the film ‘’End Of The Spear’’, the true story of five missionaries who gave their lives to reach some Aucas Indians living at the Stone Age in Ecuador.  350 people came to see the film.

Tug of war, this time, the girls won!

Skipping rope is the girls’ favorite game.

Every day, before school, the children have devotions together.

You may copy/paste this link into your web browser to watch a short video we made on our CCP school:

The iron market was built in 1889 under president Hyppolite. The earthquake in 2010 destroyed it, but it was rebuilt.  It is the shelter of several arts and crafts merchants.

A man and his donkey, a scene you do not see very often while walking down your street!

The case of Elisha Fils, the young man from our church incarcerated at the penitentiary for having used a forged cheque, is stagnant.   Please pray for another young man named Colson who has been jailed since age 16.  He has been detained for six years without a trial.  Our church takes care of him.

Thanks for your interest in Haiti Ministries.