The Work Goes On

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Pouring concrete for our new outdoor cafeteria floor.

Visit of a merged team from Barrie and Cambridge in Ontario.

Pastor Scott from Cambridge preaching on Sunday morning.

Several of our church’s benches were broken and they fixed them all!

Several of our wheelbarrows needed some repairs.

Partial view of all the donated things they brought for our ministry.

Visit of Plumbers Without Borders and of Francine Pagé, responsible of Child Care Plus/Haïti in Canada.

Frank (on the left) is an industrial engineer and Alain used to be a plumber.  He is now an assistant Pastor in Three Rivers, Quebec.  Besides repairing all our plumbing problems, they fixed about everything that needed to be fixed.

This past Sunday, while at church, a pregnant lady found a new born boy abandoned under a bridge close to our church.  Audette, one of our church’s nurses, immediately went to see if she could take the baby under her care.  The American missionaries for whom she works run a house for street kids and an orphanage. She returned to church with the baby in her arms.  She gave him a bottle of milk and she was as happy as can be.  Soon after, the woman who found the baby arrived in Pastor Michel’s office with a police officer and two other men.  One of our youth heard them saying that they wanted $1,000.00 in order for us to keep the baby and he came to tell pastor Michel before they arrived.  What a shame!  When they saw that we had a completely different understanding of the situation, the pregnant woman went to Audette to offer her the baby for $100.00 US.  Audette refused to give her any money.  We are far from being in a business of buying and selling children.   After they left, Audette heard that the police officer called an acquaintance that is unable to bear a child and that she bought the newborn boy for $100.00 US.

This past January, we had our regional retreat in Panama.  We had a wonderful time.  One evening, Michel went forward to be prayed for.  He asked God to open his eyes so that he can see His will.  That night, God did more than opening his spiritual eyes; he opened his right eye that was blind for the past two years.  Please pray that he will completely recover his eyesight.

Thank you for your faithful support through the years.  Your  are a vital part of our ministry. Without you, we would not make it.