The Enchantment of Christmas

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In Haiti, the enchantment of Christmas is nearly inexistent.  A few lights here and there decorate some public places such as the grocery stores, the banks, the hotels and some houses.  Thankfully, Christmas is not about trees and lights, as every day, there are black outs here! Christmas is in our hearts; it is the peace, joy, and love that Jesus gives us every day. (Picture taken during a graduation in December.)


As the result of some generous donations we received, we were able to start serving breakfasts again to the school students.  Often time’s Haitian people have spaghetti for breakfast. It sustains them through to the next meal.



Building bookcases can be amusing.


Chuck and Peter work on the bookcases in the morning light.


Letter boxes as in days gone by.


These bookcases will decorate the classrooms.  What magnificent work!


Pastor Alain, from Plumbers Without Borders (!) brings the pipes from our building to our new outdoor kitchen.



There is still some fixing-up to do to make the kitchen functional.


It is Dot’s seventh trip to Haiti.  She facilitated a jewelry course for some of our youth. They enjoyed learning how to make necklaces, chains, bracelets and earrings.


Perhaps someday they will be able to make profits by selling their crafts.


The result is attractive.


Pastor Dan Lee from Chapleau, Ontario, works hard every year to raise funds through banquets and auctions for the children of Haiti.  We are amazed to see what he does.


Team from Chapleau, Sudbury and Barrie in Ontario and Three-Rivers (QC) and Edmundston (NB) by a Christmas tree.


Painting one dozen of benches.


Franck, an industrial engineer from Three-Rivers (QC), installing a camera for our security system.


Installing the electric cables for our building’s security system required eleven days of work from 7h00 am to 7h30 pm.


It was Dentist Jalbert’s 15th trip to Haiti.  He is from Edmundston, NB.  This time again he pulled out 1,000 teeth in two weeks!


When Dot comes to Haiti, she always teaches Bible stories during our church services.  Dot also spends a lot of time working on sewing projects; this time she made thirty scarves for our 12-15 year old choir.

We would like to tell you face to face how much we appreciate all you do for Haiti Ministries, but unfortunately, you will only receive written appreciation.  Without your involvement, we would not be able to reach so many people.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of rich blessings from our Lord and Savior.

-Please pray that Michel can renew his permit to stay in the country. No matter what he does it always seems that there is a missing document.

-Pray also for the salvation of children and the youth.  Thanks for your prayers.