The Bible In Action

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The children, of our church, often have the privilege to see Bible stories in action.  We do drama so that they can remember the message.  The picture shows us Samuel anointing David as the new king while his sheep carefully watched the situation!


King Saul before his decline. 


In the month of March, a local transformer exploded leaving us with five burned ceiling fans and causing damage to our inverter. 


Yves and his son Chester from Timmins, Ontario, fixed a serious electrical problem.  Usually the city gives us electricity at night.  The rest of the day, we depend on an inverter that charged sixteen batteries at night.  After the transformer broke, only two plugs would work on the first story of our house.  But the brothers worked out a miracle and everything is back to normal now.


The teams from South Porcupine and Timmins, Ontario, in our backyard, standing on what was once the church’s pulpit.


Bill, Norm and Louis prepare some metal poles to support a school fence.


The fence is finally finished!


A ramp is built allowing access the soccer area.


David is painting some flames to prepare our Pentecost Day celebration. Each of our last three teams arriving in Haiti had one, or more, artists. Their work will remain for years to come and it’s so nice!


Wally and Pam paint the doors to brighten the church basement that is too often bleak.


Mike, Yves and Claude are working on a piece of furniture while the youth take a break and play basketball.


Pastor Mike preaching at our Sunday morning service.


At Eastertime, our Choir consisting of 120 youth gave a concert called “The Singing Cross”. Over 2,000 adults and children attended the three presentations.


It is this time of the year where we take the pictures of the 650 children and youth sponsored through Child Care Plus and we help them do their letters to their sponsors. Jean-Guy Paquet, from Quebec city, came to help reorganize our way of doing and it is such a time saver.  



If you wish to do a Skype interview with Michel and your congregation, please contact us at:  Michel is available on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM Eastern time. 

May God richly bless you!

Michel & Louise