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Miss Occean (4) has a mystic beauty, but she is so very tiny. Her parents and two of her siblings disappeared in the flood in The Bay des Anglais during hurricane Matthew. They were never found. A month after, she was brought to her uncle. She will grow up without her parents, but Child CarePlus will provide for her education.  We know it is a small comfort compare to her big lost.

Christina grew up in a dysfunctional family. Her mother died as a result of AIDS and her father, who is still living, has had different wives and, as a result, many children. Christina became pregnant as a teenager. The father of her child is 15 years old. Her family is divided as to how to support her. Dishonor fell upon her and not on the father. She will be the one who will have charge of the child throughout its life, who will rise up at night to breastfeed and who will have to find the money to provide food and clothing. But, against all odds, Christina decided to walk with Jesus. She received the victory and comes to church even though she cannot hide her pregnancy. Someone from Canada has offered to cover the costs of childbirth and to help feed and clothe the baby. This person will also provide for her schooling after childbirth. When we walk with Jesus, He touches hearts and provides for our needs.

Elijah was sponsored up to grade 13 by Child Care Plus. Afterwards, he studied at the “Hautes Études Commerciales” school. He now works in an accounting position for a Government ministry. Your sponsorship is never in vain.


We had a joint team from St-Honoré-de-Beauce and from Disraeli, QC, with us, led by Pastor François Doyon. He gave an excellent message on Sunday morning.


They arrived in the pouring rain with their suitcases uncovered in the back of the truck.


Haitian women are brave, courageous and strong. They learn from childhood to walk with heavy loads on their heads.




Junior experiences wearing a basket on the head. The basket rests on a piece of cloth wrapped in the shape of a donut.


Unable to sleep well, the team members bought the rooster, that begins singing at midnight in the tree under their bedroom windows, from the neighbor. They gave the rooster, as a gift to the cook, who will raise it.


They brought a lot of tools.


They made 15 benches and 10 school desks.


They installed doors to the kindergarten classrooms and repaired a dozen of other things.



We wished that we could go out to evangelize in the schools, but it was exam week..

We always want to see many people come to Jesus. But we must take care of those who have already received Jesus. We would like to reap the harvest with a combine, but instead, we harvest with a sickle and even as Ruth, we glean the fallen ears. Ruth ate with the reapers dipping her piece of bread in wine vinegar and afterwards she continued to glean the ears (Ruth 2: 14-15). She drank the cup of joy (bread) and the cup of suffering (wine vinegar). Despite this, she persevered. But after that, she was married to the Lord of the harvest. PRAY FOR THE HARVEST!


On November 5th, with a crowd of 21,000 people singing the national anthem, our grandson Mathis (on the far left) stood on the ice with the Montreal Canadians.  Leucan (Association Of  The Children With Cancer) made this possible.  A gift from heaven to alleviate his suffering from chemo for a few moments.  The chemo side effects caused a big cyst to appear on his pancreas.  He has to follow a diet and if it does not disappear, he may have a surgery.  PRAY THAT THE CYST DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY AND FOR COMFORT FOR HIS PARENTS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS.

Michel & Louise