School Benches And Apples

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When we were little, during the fall, we would bring an apple to our school teacher and at spring time, a bouquet of freshly cut lilacs from our garden. The fragrance would fill the classroom. Those days are over now. But many families go apple picking. In the month of October I (Louise) did a short trip to Quebec for a few appointments, to visit our children and to go apple picking. Unfortunately, all of our children could not come. Mathis (9), had a concussion and he is off school for a month.

DSC08570From left to right Back rows, Pierre (son) & Mirjam, Sebastien & Naomi (daughter), Max (son) & Nathalie. Front row, Adrian, Nathan, Louis Charbonneau, Sophia Guignard, Eli Charbonneau & Mathis Guigna

This is our most recent picture of our chidren and our grand-children. From left to right: Pierre and Mirjam (De Blaeij) Charbonneau and their four boys, Sébastien and Naomi (Charbonneau) Guignard and their son and daughter and Max Charbonneau and Nathalie.


Our September team members were from four different churches: Drummondville, Québec, St-Hyacinthe and Varennes. Jean-Guy Paquet from Quebec city made a short video on Haiti Ministries and the work accomplished by the team. Following is the link:


The team graciously offered Haiti Ministries six brand new laptops and a free training to some of our leaders. What a blessing it was!


DSC08525In two weeks, they made benches and school tables for 90 students. Almost production in series!

Gilbert, an entrepreneur in construction gave some leadership skills to the team.


Jean-Guy spoke on one of the Sunday mornings interpreted by Jean-Philippe.


With some of our church youth and Zack, a volunteer in mission who is with us for three months living with the Vincent family, we did skits in a school yard to show the battle between good and evil.


Another skit called “The Chair” had a bit of humour in it. A man is stuck on a chair and people who want to help him get out find themselves stuck as well.


As it is in Haiti with the children, when we did the altar call, they all raised their hands. Every time we do an altar call, they raise their hands. They can give their lives to the Lord 50 times. We do not know what they understand, but they are in good hands, in Jesus hands.


Our October team was from Disraéli and St-Honoré-de-Beauce. They added on to the other team’s efforts.


Pastor Dany, Gaston, his father-in-law, who is a retired construction supervisor, and Luc built an office.


They made, painted and/or fixed thirty tables for our dining area and for the exams. Several of them were nearly unusable.


With the truck, some cables and big metal pipes, they moved a little house that used to be a classroom, but now, it will serve as a snack bar and a tool shed.


Our children have the privilege to see live re-enactments of the Bible.


This year, there are 560 sponsored or waiting to be sponsored students at The Fortress school. Another 120 attend another school. Without all sponsors who support them, many would not get the privilege to have an education.




We would like to thank you for what you do for the children of Haiti. The Bible says: Blessed are those who consider the poor; the Lord will deliver them in times of trouble. Psalms 41:1