Ten More Reasons To Thank Him

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DSC_4455The paths to visit the children at home are sometimes sinuous and steep, but it is worth it.

DSC_4454Many children sitting in the public places are waiting for a good new!

DSC_4462In one of the houses we went to, they brought eight sick people. Three of them said that they were healed after they were prayed for. DSC_4779In the month of May, a team from Malvern Christian Assembly in Scarborough, Ontario, came to help us. Under Dirk Mast’s lens, things take a different shape. Several of the pictures in this presentation are from him.DSC_4794Beautiful colored area that needs to be evangelized.

DSC_4878This year, over 650 children are sponsored through ChildCare Plus.  Six hundred of them attend The Fortress School while the others go to another school.

DSC_5187Michel started building twelve new classrooms.   

Classrooms construction 1He hopes that they will be ready for the school re-entry or at least some of them.  Please pray for Michel and the workers who work in temperatures reaching 50 ̊ Celsius in the sun.

DSC_4943We had an outreach at The Universal College. 

DSC09588At The Charles de Gaulle College, the youth played a skit called « The Chair ». 

DSC09592After they played a skit called « The Medical Clinic », and following the altar call, seven children that were prayed for were healed.

DSC09583We celebrated the Pentecost with the senior choir

DSC09574And with the juniors choir.

DSC_4593When the children arrive at church, we offer them some treated water.

DSC_4627The children like competitive games and the boys are not always the winners.

DSC_4635Our sanctuary with a partial view of the temporary dining area below. 

DSC_4545The juniors church’s service in the basement.

DSC_4539Jonathan, David and King Saul

DSC_5228David and Mephibosheth

DSC_4695Food time!

DSC_4713Relaxing before washing the dishes.

DSC_4719Dining area.

DSC09623Graduation of Luckman Nevil, our first full time pastor.  Luckman is in the centre of the picture looking at the camera.

DSC09611His class had 106 graduates from the Church on the Rock’s Bible School. 

As always, we would like to thank you for your wonderful support.  God wants to do miracles in your lives and in our lives.  May God shows His power and His love in your lives.

Michel & Louise