School Re-Entry

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A team of Haitian carpenters, who work for a factory in town that makes prefab homes, built five classrooms in eight days.

With the classrooms we have at church, we will be able to accommodate 350 students when school starts again in October in Haiti.

Martin Blanchard (left) who owns a billboard company had the idea to write in each of the 26 shutters, one of the alphabet letters with a drawing.

Panoramic of the five classrooms.

Eight men composed the Disraeli and Ste-Foy team.  They made benches and desks for 200 students in six days. Jean-Charles (off white hat) is a master carpenter.

Making of bench feet.

Assembling of bench feet.

Sanding of bench feet.

The result of six days of carpentry work.

At dawn, the team members lifted the church’s gate on our truck to bring it to the site to be installed.

Installation of the gate.

Stonewalls sustaining the recess yard.

Panoramic view of the wall and the recess yard.

School books and school supplies distribution.

Orline and Asou would like to thank you for your generosity towards the children.  Without your support, they would not be able to attend school and they would still have to search for their daily food.  They spend all of their days at our house, but they sleep at their house.  Thanks for supporting Haiti Ministries.