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We hope you are well and that you are able to enjoy the warm season. And if the summer is not as hot as you’d hope, console yourself in that you are not suffering in the scorching heat that we are experiencing.

Jean-Guy Paquet of Quebec, who often comes to Haiti to work with us, made and edited the following video that promotes the Child Care Plus sponsorship program. We now have 700 children enrolled in the program, but they are not all sponsored.


In July, we had two childrens’ camps and lots of fun. Here’s a link that shows you an overview of the camp with the 7 to 11 year olds. The highlight was the healing of about thirty children. https://www.facebook.com/sophie.perron777/videos/10157160452930164/


Stéphane and Brigitte Vincent left Haiti in mid-July after spending three years with us. It is with much regret that we had to see them go because they did very good work. We wish abundant blessings and everything that their heart desires.

Mathis, chandail orange

Mathis, our grand-son, has no more cancer cells. It is an answer to our prayers. However, the treatment will last two years. Every three weeks during the next six months he begins a new round of chemotherapy. Side effects are especially painful during the first nine days. But God put an angel at his side; his mother Naomi. After the nine days, when the effects start to fade, he will be able to ride his bicycle.

Mathis à bicyclette

As free as when God created him.


After several months of work on the grounds, the floor of our future guest house was completely finished and will be poured shortly. We plan to move on the church grounds to distance ourselves from the discotheque that has been in front of our house this year for four weeks.  


The walls of the 12 classrooms are almost all plastered.


A lady who had a car accident came to church last week while we were putting together new kids’ profiles. She was leaning on a stick because of pain. After a prayer, she began to walk normally, the pain was gone and she threw her stick away. God is good!

Prayer Requests:

7 new pastors to take care of the flock and to start a work, God willing, in another neighborhood.

Thanks for your prayers!!

Michel & Louise