New Sanctuary

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A team build our Centre third floor’s roof made out of wood and tins.

A team member of Beauce-Disraeli churches fixing the roof of our Centre is tied to it with a safety cable.

A part of the Beauce-Disraéli team.  Some of the members stayed one week. They were replaced by others who came for the second week.

Besides teaching Sunday School and doing visitation, the ladies painted ninety six benches!  🙂

Danielle, a nurse working in Ste-Justine, a children’s hospital in Montreal, gives care to a little girl suffering from asthma.

Partial view of our new cafeteria until the other one is completed outside.

Partial views of our new sanctuary.  There is still a lot to do to finish it, but we can use it.

Pastor François Doyon from Beauce taught the children on fifteen different kinds of houses to conclude that we are also a house, the Holy Spirit temple.

Pastor Pierre Gagnon from Disraéli gave a good message to our youth using Power Point. The sanctuary has fifteen large windows that inundated it with light.

Janice Barber from Mississauga, Ontario, came to visit with her husband James who works for Authentic Haiti, the Canadian company who built part of our Centre. Janice painted that castle on our Centre’s gate. She studies Arts at a university in Toronto.

On August 21st, our son Pierre and his wife Mirjam had a fourth boy.   His name is Nathan.  On the picture, he is three weeks old. They live on the South Shore of Montreal.

In September, 450 children, sponsored for most of them, started primary school and kindergarten at our Centre.  Two hundred and thirty five who are already sponsored attend a secondary school not far from there. God wants to do great things.  We would like to thank you for your support.  If you ever think that your support does not count, please remember that without you, many children would not go to school and/or would lack food.

Thank you for your involvement.

May God abundantly blesses you.