New Building

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Our new building can now accommodate twelve classrooms.  The doors and the windows need fixing and the walls need painting; but they are functional.  The advantage of being in a tropical country is that you can live without windows, at least for a while!


Closer view of some of the classrooms.

IMG_2034 - Copie

Pastor Dany (left in the photo), his father-in-law (on the right), from Disraeli, Quebec and our church workers fixed the tin roof in one week.









View from our new building: the ocean and the majestic mountains.

Petite-fille dame au goitre décédée, guérie douleur au coeur

God works through healings and the enemy works by stealing and destroying. Last week, while doing visitation, we decided to go visit a grand-mother who had a goiter and two masses in her lower abdomen. It was our third visit to see her.  Sadly, we learned from her grand-daughter, when we arrived that she had passed away a few days earlier. But we prayed for her grand-daughter who suffered from a chest pain and she was healed.  Then, we prayed for a street vendor who was also healed of pains in her legs. 

St-Fleur garçon guéri douleur au cou, Mme St-Fleur, tête qui élançait, Mlle St-Fleur, mal de dent, Mme Nancy douleur tête et côté

The preceding week, four people who suffered from various pains were healed one after another. One from neck pains, others from a headache and a toothache and another from a back pain.  While praying for them, God healed me of a backache I have had for a month.

We pray to see greater things. Sometimes, I tell myself that these are only small healings.  But if we are faithful in little things, He will be faithful, for us, in large ones.

Michel & Louise

P. S.  Please pray for Louvenson, one of our sponsored boy who fights for his life and for Chèdelène who needs a deliverance.