Mountain To Be Moved

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This mountain that represents sixty trucks of dirt must be moved in order for us to redirect and pave the ravine that goes through our land.  We tried to rent a backhoe but in vain. With all the reconstruction going on in town, all bulldozers are rented for months ahead.

The picks and the shovels are slowly getting a hold of that mountain.

We work at landscaping the church’s driveway in order to install the main gate.

This past January, a team from Beresford, NB, visited with us.

Pastor Luc Poirier from Beresford interpreted by Dr Jean Méhu, Canadian-Haitian psychiatrist, brought the children to cheer when they narrated the story of Jesus who healed the Official’s Son.

The Daughters of Tabitha, group of teenage girls and young women from our church, held a banquet with Diane Dupont as their guest speaker. Mrs Dupont is the director for Women of Vision for the Maritimes District.

Our church’s cooks surprised us by the quality of food they prepared for the banquet.

The ladies of the Beresford team cut and sew the curtains made to regulate the sound in our auditorium.

The men fixed the curtains’s rods in the mezzanine.

The Canadian-Congolese Paediatrician gave medical attention to several children.  She came along with a medical team. They held clinics in town with an American medical assistant.

With the Convoy of Hope’s participation, we can offer a very good quality of water to the children.

Thanks for teaming up with us.  Without your support, we would not be able to accomplish much and there is so much to do. Thanks again and may God richly bless you as you serve Him.