Jesus Still Heals Today

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On the Day of Pentecost, in our congregation, there were some healings and baptisms in the Holy Ghost.  We had some special services with Pastor Gaétan Gaucher from Montreal, Quebec. Pentecost is still for today!


Nicole and Kathleen from Sherbrooke visited Haiti.  As a result of a slipped disc, Kathleen suffered from back pain for years.  After she was prayed for, the pain went away and did not come back, despite having to travel on very bad roads while in Haiti.


For the last ten years, it has been Michel’s desire to plant a church in this densely populated area of Pétionville.  The Haitian government started painting the little houses on the hillside in the rainbow colors. DSC03101

It is already a lovely mosaic.  It is going to be beautiful once it is finished.



Now the people cannot say that the Haitian government does nothing.  More and more streets are asphalted, cement is being poured to make sidewalks, and solar panels are being fixed to light up the streets.  The country is moving forward. DSC03092

During one of our services, Kathleen spoke on Daniel in the Lions’ den.DSC03095

Although the lions and the den were not very impressive, the children remembered the message!P1020679

Michel would like to add three classrooms to our school in September from grade 7 to 9.

Thank you for your support that enables us to spread the Gospel. It means a lot to us and to the children we work with.