Jesus Heals!

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This past Sunday, at the end of our children’s service, we made an altar call for the sick.  Dozens of children ran to the prayer room. We did not have enough room and unfortunately, we had to turn some away. Nine children received healing including a girl whose foot pain made her limp.  She was instantly healed and she started walking normally. We have witnessed several healings in the past months. God wants to show His glory and His love. Please pray that signs continue to accompany our preaching so that people turn to God.


Improvements are being made to our dining area. The sun is so hot that some workers have to cover their heads.


The workers dig the soil in preparation for the pouring of the columns sustaining the dining area’s roof.


The cement mixer turns nonstop.


The cement is poured into the wheelbarrows.


It is then poured onto sheet metal to be used in the dining area.


Building of the 4th floor spiral staircase.



Andy helps to give shape to the staircase.  We waited four years for that last portion of the staircase to be built.  We used a ladder to get upstairs.


The cement is manually poured on the stairs.


Painting the external walls of our centre.  It is Vanessa and Sandra’s 9th trip to Haiti.



That team from Fergus/Elora in Ontario made all staircases of our building.  We thank them for their good work. Without them, we would still use a ladder to go from one storey to the other.

We hope that you can take some time to witness to someone around you. We are just about to give out 12,500 tickets in different schools to invite people for our Easter Concert, The Singing Cross. Please pray that God will show His power. May God richly bless you.