Hurricane Matthew

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At dawn, on October 4th, we woke up with hurricane Matthew banging on our doors with 220km/h winds and heavy rain. But thank God, in our neighborhood, there was nearly no damage!  All houses still have their roofs and the trees are still standing.   


We received an update from a Pastor from a town called Les Cayes in the South. He said that several houses are damaged and one of the Churches of God with a capacity of seating 2,500 people was completely destroyed. People say that some remote villages along the shore were wiped out. The updates come slowly due to problems with the internet and the phone lines. But by the time this letter will be online, most people will be more informed than us about the damages left by the hurricane. (Picture taken on the internet)


Jean-Guy Paquet provides construction materials to our neighbors to help them protect their house before hurricane Matthew makes landfall.   



Asou fixes plywood to our upper terrace to avoid flooding.


This week, we admitted at our school 22 children from a neighboring orphanage. There are now 706 students at The Fortress school.


Jean-Guy and his team help the children writing a Christmas card to their sponsors.  It sounds like Christmas is just around the corner.     


Pastor Alain Trépanier from Three Rivers, QC, gave a good message to our youth on Sunday morning. 


Pastor Alain, an ingenious plumber, bought one of these toilets in Canada and he made the others in fiberglass with a friend of his. 


Fixing the new toilets at school. Then, cement was poured around them.    


We were able to give out 465 Gospels of John in a public school in Port-au-Prince. Most students prayed the salvation prayer and some received healing.  


A few months ago, Pastor G. had a stroke that left him nearly unable to walk. After he was prayed for, God restored his right leg and he started walking like before. Thank God!

The Bible says that our prayers are golden vials full of odours.  Revelation 5, 8.  Our prayers make a big difference.  Thanks for praying for those affected by Hurricane Matthew so that they turn unto God in their despair and that their needs are met.

Michel & Louise