Happy Holiday Season!

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During this busy Christmas season take some time off to think of those who are hungry.

With some donations we were able to start serving breakfast at school to the younger children.

From our church’s windows, workers in action.

Most pictures of this newsletter were taken by Kari Luhtasaari, a professional photographer. She was part of a team visiting us in November.

Richard Villeneuve is from Gatineau, Quebec. He has been with us since December 15, 2010 as a Volunteer in Mission sent by the PAOC.

He is our construction foreman.

He made the concrete floors for the classrooms and for the latrines and the school yard’s fences.

The walls and the floor of the ravine are nearly completed now.

The latrines are nearly completed.

Chuck and Kari took apart the prefab home that was in our yard.

They rebuilt it and they transformed it into a snack bar.

Pastor Dan who gave direction to the Chapleau team in Ontario alongside with his son Daniel, tiler by trade, tiled the offices floors.

They also tiled the bathroom floor. They did a wonderful job.

Dan fixed a spot light.

Dan repaired the regulators and many other things.

Dot and Noreen sewed the office curtains. Dorothea also brought the word of God to the teenage girls and to the 7 to 12 years olds.

Sheila and Nicole repaired lots of screens.

The Chapleau team in front of the only Christmas tree we have seen in town.

It is so nice to see the children running on the school compound.  Most of them live in small spaces.

Jean-Philippe, third from the left, who was on the Child Care Plus program, is our first university graduated. He studied administration and economics.

We celebrated our first wedding! Our children are growing into young adults now.  Alfred was sponsored by CCP and he is now one of the teachers at our school and a university student in education.  Alexandra was also sponsored.

The other day, while doing some exercises to try to heal of my tendinitis, I was looking through our bedroom window and those words written on the street wall jumped to my eyes: Jésus Guérit (Jesus Heals). I have seen them hundreds of times, but this time, they became more real to me. I hope to have good news next time I write you.

We wish you God’s blessings for the New Year.

We love you and we are grateful for your support.