Golden Medals For The Children

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We held a camp for children and youth. They had a soccer tournament. Here is the winning team!


In Haiti, the children grow up with a ball at the end of their feet.  Soccer is the national sport.


The girls also had their soccer tournament under the vigilant eye of their counterparts.


The girls tournament medal winners.



For a few hours, the world was transformed into a fairytale of princes and princesses with balloons.


The team from Church Without Borders planned both camps.  The children will not forget them.

Daphney, Tristan, Paul, Gaspard, Marcel, Youliana, Orline, Asou, Marylène, Vincent, Audrey, Marc-André

The team from  Church Without Borders and two brothers from a Baptist Church joined us for two weeks.


They built some half walls in the sanctuary for three kindergarten classrooms opening in September.


The walls will not prevent the light from coming into the sanctuary.


Paul and Marcel taught one of our Child Care Plus sponsored youth how to cut wood to make school tables.


The classrooms are being painted with the colors of the rainbow. IMG_0466 (2)

The team members checked some old computers.  They kept what functions and put aside what does not work.


Marc-Andre Desmarais speaking at our youth service with his interpret.


Every year, our 800 sponsored children and youth draw or color a drawing for their sponsors.


Children writing  letters to their sponsors.


Children’s updates are made. Some of the little ones are left alone by their parents to answer big questions such as their parents’ names and how many brothers and sisters they have.

IMG_0533 IMG_0533

Cho (Karl-Henry) at the swimming pool for the first time in his life!


Birthdays of Orline, Asou and Cho who are like our children.  They all born in July.


Wedding of Eunicéna, a former sponsored child and a qualified nurse working at our school. Eunicéna also teaches Bible to the primary classes.


Lickenson and Eunicéna praying.


Lickenson is our CCP school pedagogical director.  The school will have over 500 students in September.


We had our 12th and 13th grades graduation at the same time. The 13th graders wear a yellow gown and the 12th graders wear a blue one.  Thanks to the sponsors who supported the students to the end.  The Bible says that the end of something is better than its beginning.


Junior Tingué gave the speech.


The handing over of the torch.


On July 10, Pastor Stephan, Brigitte and their two children arrived in Haiti. They have already found a house. Before moving in, they are staying at the house of a missionary couple that are on holidays in the States.  Please pray that they can soon obtain their visa to stay in the country. They need it to purchase a vehicle.  Pray also for their adaptation to the Haitian culture.

Please pray that Michel can renew his visa.  It is difficult to renew it.

We thank you for your financial and spiritual support.  We trust you will enjoy summer time. Thanks for teaming up with us.