God Is Always There!

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Lately, we started a Bible Club in the streets.  It is easy to find an audience. Many children spend their days in the streets.

Our Centre third floor’s roof is coming along.

In order to remove weight on the building, only a small part of the roof is made out of concrete. The rest will be made out of tins.  The metal poles you see on the picture sustain the concrete roof for 21 days, long enough to let the concrete dry completely.

A pump truck pours concrete in the third floor columns.

Mr. Jean-Charles Pelletier, from Ste-Foy, Quebec, who made half of our school benches and tables last year,  returned again to build our third floor’s roof.  The task is huge and it is not finished yet. He is pictured here with his wife Jacinthe.

Mr. Gaston Grenier, from Disraéli, Québec, builder by trade, came for two weeks to help us with the roof.  The temperature did not give them any break.  It was fully sunny every day.

Pouring of concrete by hand.  The buckets full of concrete are passed from one hand to the other in the ladder, up to the columns.

Authentic Haiti, a Canadian based building company, divided our sanctuary into classrooms with a material made out of foam.
The following picture shows what it looked like before the walls were made in the sanctuary.

We presently host our services in the building basement.

2012 Graduation.  One of the grade 13 students is about to pass on the torch to a grade 12 student.

Child Care Plus Grade 13 Class Graduation.

One of the grade 12 students is just about to pass on the torch to a grade 11 student.

Child Care Plus Grade 12 Class Graduation.

Mrs Francine Pagé (front center) brought a team to Haiti.  They helped out with the 650 sponsored children to write letters to their sponsors.  Pastor Benoît Marcoux from Victoriaville, Quebec, (2nd row, center) accompanied them for a week.  The team translated the children’s letters to their sponsors, they updated and classified files and they printed lots of certificates. Christelle, (2nd row and 2nd from the left), attends university in medical sciences.  She did sight screening tests to about 800 children and adults.

Asnique, the young lady who has been cooking for our teams for the past 15 years, had a fairy tale wedding.

The country of Haiti is going through a drought.  But yesterday, we had a torrential rain.  Please pray that God will give us rain.   As our plants are never saturated with water, our hearts are never saturated with God.  We need His presence every day.  If we seek Him, we shall find Him.