Exciting Day Pouring Concrete!

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The cement mixer is fed in these proportions: two buckets of cement, four sand and six gravel and one bucket of water.



The buckets full of concrete are passed from one hand to the other in the scaffolding.


On the fourth floor, the buckets are passed from one hand to the other.


Then, they are poured on the floor.


The concrete is leveled with a plank.


Finally, the mason’s trowels even it out.


The result is a smooth floor.


A team from Disraeli sings with all of their hearts during our youth service.


Our stage is extended.


The stage is completed and shines.


Installing a new door


Painting pieces of furniture for the teachers.

P1020192 (2)

Fixing tin on the fourth floor to prevent the rain from getting into the sanctuary.


The children carefully follow a drama about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

DSC05410 - Copy

We plan on adding ten more classrooms to our CCP school where we already have five prefab classrooms.

Two months after the beginning of our school year, Mary’s grandmother finally decided to send her to school. Mary (8) is sponsored through Child Care Plus.  Mary’s mother suffers from a mental health disease and she is unable to care for her. A few times we sent messages to Mary’s grandmother urging her to send her granddaughter to school. When she finally agreed to let her come pick up her school books and uniforms, she gave Mary a message for us saying she may leave for the country and that she would leave Mary in our care. She is unable to properly feed her. Please pray that the grandmother will find the necessary funds to start selling things on the street as she used to.  Please pray for Mary in this time of insecurity that God covers her with his love and protection.

Élysé, a young man from our church who was jailed at the national penitentiary on December 2012 for using a forged cheque was declared not guilty and released from prison.   He was not the one who made the cheque, but it was his « friend » who did it  and he asked him to exchange it in his place as he had no ID card.  His « friend » made the cheque in Elysé’s name and he tried to imitate his boss’ signature. That is how he got into trouble.   Élysé now works as a sub teacher at our school. He has been a teacher for six years before he was arrested and sent to the penitentiary.

We are looking for Partners in Prayers for the 12 to 15 year old group that we minister to in a special way at church.  Most of them are not converted yet and they like mocking at anybody who would like to sing or to pray during our school devotions every morning.  If you wish to join us in prayer, please write  us at: mlcharb@haitiministries.com.  Prayers can break chains.

We would like to thank you for your faithful support. Perhaps one day, we will be able to tell you in detail and in person how the investment you’ve made in these young lives has been profitable.  The story of changed lives goes on.