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On Thursday December 15, I went out with Michael, Stenlove and Marica around 7:15.  I had a lot of errands to do in different directions. I left Michel and Marica at the school. We locked all the doors of the house that close with a padlock, we closed the door leading to the garage. A Canadian welder did a door between our room and the office to separate them from the rest of the house. He did a metal cage on top of the closet so that nobody could pass over.  

In the evening, when we wanted to give the gun to the guard, it was no longer in our bedroom.  Michel’s old laptop and the CCP camera had also disappeared. While searching, we found no broken window or door. But looking more closely, we found a fine white dust in the office. In raising the head, we saw that iron bars had been sawed off giving access to the office and our room.  We concluded that the person who broke into the house had a key to our house door without us knowing it.  This is the 3rd time thieves break into the house in two years.  The first time, only the rifle of the guardian had disappeared. The 2nd time, two laptops and a tablet.  As I was afraid to stay alone, we had to hire an armed guard during the day. We still have a night guard at night. The security company asked us to repay the rifle in the amount of $900.00 US.  Day and night guards cost $900.00 US per month. These expenses were not foreseen.  Please, pray for our safety and for peace.

It is the dry season in Haiti.  It snows dust.  The temperature is pleasant.  Every day, a thin layer of dust settles on furniture, floors and everything that exists including ourselves. This season in West Africa is called the harmattan.  It’s a hot and extremely dry wind blowing from the southern Sahara to the West.

Due to an unresolved problem, we were unable to add photos to this letter. Please visit our Haiti Ministries facebook page for the photos at:  https://www.facebook.com/ilovehaitiministries/

Michel began to build what will be the guest house and an apartment for us on the ground of the Church.  Anti seismic walls are erected.   An overview shows to the right the 12 new classes and the sanctuary and the new building on the left.

Early in the morning, after the raising of the Haitian flag on The College Of The New Seed, our youth played the play entitled the Chair.  After a short message, most students gave their lives to Jesus.

We were able to preach and distribute the Gospel of John at the Pierre Roosevelt College. The students almost all made the sinner prayer. A young girl suffering from torticollis said having felt a heat in the neck and the pain vanished. Another said that her migraine was gone after the prayer.

Since May 2016, our grandson Mathis receives chemotherapy. He still has 16 months of treatment to do.  He rarely goes to school because of the side effects of the chemo.  Pray that leukemia would never return and pray that the family members find the rest they need.

Our prayers are with you.

May God abundantly bless you. 

Michel & Louise