Despite cholera outbreak, progresses are made

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Cholera outbreak in Haiti. The death toll is up to 800. Over 12,000 people have been infected. The bacteria appeared in Port-au-Prince, the capital city.  United Nations warns that as many as 200,000 people may become infected.  They have requested $164,000 million in a global aid.  As a precaution, all the children are required to wash their hands before entering into church.

To celebrate our church’s 12th anniversary at the end of October, we moved into our new facilities.  After waiting for so many years to see our vision become a reality, it is a great victory!

This year, we opened a school with three classrooms from grade 3 to 5, 120 students of our 500 sponsored children are currently in attendance. The classes are held in our church’s dining room.   As soon as we find a project manager, we plan on building a school on the second story of our building.

A team from Quebec city led by Pastor Benoit Therrien and by Pastor François Doyon from La Beauce, came to work with us.

They installed electricity in the walls of our new facilities and they fixed two water filters.

They made twenty tables and painted them.  They also painted sixty benches.   They built three blackboards like the ones we had in our primary schools years ago.

May God richly bless them for their good work.

We received hundreds of pairs of sandals and shoes.   In the picture, you can see some of the kids who benefitted from the donations.

Louise’s 98 years old father passed away on November 3 after having suffered a blood clot in his brain.  Before he went into a coma, one of her brothers was able to have him repeat the sinner’s prayer.   We do not know people’s hearts, but God does.

Thank you for your wonderful support.  We truly appreciate it.