Construction continues

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Dear Pastors & Friends

Bob Thornley, our project manager, returned to Haiti on November 3rd. A donor from Ontario has given us a big amount of money which is allowing us to continue working on the first Phase of our building project.

At the end of December, the basement and the chapel’s walls will be finished. The only thing that will need to be done is the painting. The chapel can seat 800 children.

At the end of February, we plan on having the first floor completed. The first floor is our church’s dining room. To be able to seat and feed 700 children at a time, we will need 100 benches. Each bench costs $100.00 CND. We would appreciate if you could consider raising funds to offer benches to the children in Haiti as a Christmas gift to them.

In November, a team from Fergus, and other towns from Ontario as well as from New-Brunswick came to help us. They built a two storey staircase.

Dentist Jalbert held a clinic where he pulled an around 1,000 teeth.

On the above picture, Pastor Jamie Shepherd and Dot Guertin who led the team are sitting on either end of the table.

This year has been quite challenging financially for us. Unfortunately, we have very little time to visit churches to give updates. Thank you to those who supported us through the financial difficulties. We appreciate your faithfulness.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for the year ahead.