Children’ Sponsorship

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On a January afternoon I was looking through our gate’s window and I saw Asou (9), a child from our church, sitting on a stone. Abandoned by his parents along with his six siblings, there was emptiness in his eyes, he was hungry, and there seemed to be no purpose in his life. He was waiting for the sunset so he could go to sleep.  The following day was like the day before, very little to eat and nothing to do.  Years passed by and all his eyes saw was misery and desolation. But as soon as we intervened in his and his siblings’ lives, things completely changed for them. ERDO provides for three meals a day for his family and he and his siblings are now all sponsored.

David Adcock, ERDO CEO, has approved our Child CARE Plus school building project. ERDO will provide the funds. A Canadian civil engineer from British Columbia will be available in September to supervise construction of the school. We believe that it will take ten weeks to complete the project.

We plan to start school in September anyway by using prefab homes that we will put up at the new site. Those classrooms will be very helpful even after the school is built because we will need extra classrooms.  We are praying for a primary school director.

Twelve students graduated from CCP /Haiti sponsorship program this year. They completed grade 13.

A young man by the name of Frantz Junior testified that ten years ago, his father lost his job.  It was precisely at this time that he met with us and he has been sponsored ever since.  He will be starting grade 12 in September.

Ten years ago, Jessika’s mother died from AIDS complications.  Her father disappeared.  Jessika lives with her four siblings. She completed grade 12 and will hopefully study education at university either this year or next year.

Ω More than 800 children are enrolled in CCP/Haiti and over 600 are sponsored.

Ω Five of those who graduated from CCP found jobs as school teachers and four of them are studying education at university.

Ω Ten others who graduated from CCP go to university and one of them is graduated!

Ω Our food program allows us to feed 1,500 children and youth twice a week at church where they can hear the Gospel.

With some donated funds, we were able to rebuild the Guerriers’ home, devastated during the earthquake.  Asou is a member of the Guerrier’s family.

Inside the Guerrier’s home.

Francine Pagé and three people working in education from the Montreal area, came to help us with the letters and the pictures to the sponsors.

The team, some of the Guerrier’s children and us.

John and Bridgett Maggs, with their friends Shane and Janis from The Life Centre in Cambridge, came to make a video to promote Child Care Plus/Haiti.

In the month of May, Pascal and Caroline Bergeron who replaced us for one year in 2000-2001, came to visit Haiti and our church.

Thank you for your continuous support. It will bear fruit into eternity.