Building the Third Floor

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We started building our church/school’s third floor.  ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas) provided the funds for this project.  The school is sponsored by Child Care Plus.

The third floor is earthquake proof.  We use a foam material that will be filled and recovered with cement.

The third floor will serve as a sanctuary while the first two floors will be used as classrooms.

Jean-Charles making the coffering for the columns.

Jean-Charles fixing the coffering on the columns before they will be filled with cement.

A team of fourteen people led by Pastor Sam Sibley from The Christian Life Centre in Ajax Ontario visited with us in March.

They fixed a greenhouse net on our church’s new river stones dining room.

The scaffolding that served to fix the greenhouse net.

Making the latrines doors.

Pastor Sam taught on the Christian armor as mentioned in the book of Ephesians.

Abigail playing with the children.

Sherrill helping the little ones to eat.

A team of twelve people from Central  Pentecostal Church in Elora/Fergus, Ontario, led by Pastor John Edwards, came to help us.   They have been coming to Haiti for eight years now.

Roy and some other team members made the staircase that leads to the dining room.

View of our new church’s kitchen made of river stones.  We still have to fix the roof to the kitchen.  On the left is the staircase.

Fixing doors to the latrines.

Fixing benches.

Painting benches.

They made a new playhouse for the children.

Ten of our youth have been water baptised.

Children singing with all of their hearts.

An area in Petionville on the hillside.

One of our dreams is to plant a church in that area.  But we need colleagues to do so.

The children join their voices to ours to say thank you for what you do for them.