Another Step Forward

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Authentic Haiti, a Canadian company in Haiti, built our third floor Centre. The walls are made of ICF forms, two foams opened in the middle to allow concrete to be poured in.  This part of our building project has been financed by ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas).

Adonel Betonex, a Haitian company, poured concrete into the walls with a pump truck.

The work was quite impressive considering that the temperature in the sun goes up to 45 Celsius on the roof.

Partial view of the third floor.  In order for us to get a breeze, we made thirty windows.

Jean-Charles Pelletier from Ste-Foy, Quebec, spent six weeks with us. He made the forms for the third floor’s columns with a Haitian worker.

The forms being scaffolded before pouring concrete.

Our church new dining room’s ceiling made of iron bars.

Pouring concrete on our church new dining room’s ceiling.

A team from Agincourt, Ontario, led by Pastor Jeff Hackett, came to help us at the end of April.

They took the columns’ forms to the building basement.

The forms are so heavy that it took six men to carry each one of them.

UNICEF launched  a vaccination campaign in Haiti for measles, rubella and polio. Diana, one of the Agincourt team’s nurses, helped the UNICEF nurses.

Safeeya, another nurse from Agincourt, also contributed to that project that scared most of the children in our primary school! 🙂

The team cleaned the debris left by the concrete pouring.

They did it with a joyful heart although it is not a glorious task.

We started serving a meal of pasta at school in the morning.  In Haiti, they eat spaghetti in the morning.  It has a lot of protein and it takes them through to the next meal in the afternoon.

On Sunday, May 27, two brothers aged 6 and 10 arrived at church with severe vomiting.  On their way to church, they bought some mangos from a street vendor. It sounds like the mangos were rotten and that they ate them without washing them.  Seeing how sick they were, we took them to a hospital and left them in the care of Evans, one of our young adults.  The hospital transferred them to a Cholera Treatment Centre nearby. The children live in a tent on the golf course with their grandmother who cares for six children. Their dad died in the earthquake and their mother is mentally ill and unable to care for them. After several IVs, shots and rehydration beverages, the doctor gave them a clean bill of health.   One of them came to see me with Evans and he was doing just great. Thank God that he was able to receive the necessary treatment.   While Evans was at the CTC, he saw one of our sponsored teenagers with his older brother receiving cholera treatment. It is a blessing to have this centre in town.

Victorine, a eight year old girl, told me the following story.  One night, she saw a big lady who wanted to abduct her.  Then, the lady changed into an animal and she stood in front of her house door.  In the middle of the night, Victorine’s mother tied her to a tree so that the devil would not be able to steal her and he did not come. On another night, several demons wearing colorful scarves on their heads came to their door step.  Her mother chased them by throwing salt to their eyes!  Following this incident, Victorine had a bad eye infection. Victorine also says that at night, something prevents her from moving by putting pressure on her. When she wants to ask for help, her mouth fills up with water and she is unable to speak.  Victorine has spiritual problems and she needs deliverance. In North America, we do not hear this kind of story very often, but here, we frequently hear them.  Please pray that her and several others who have spiritual problems will be set free from their bondage.

Stephan and Brigitte Vincent have been appointed to Haiti.  Stephan is an associate Pastor in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec and Brigitte is an early childhood educator.  They have two children, Elizabeth (14) and Jeremy (15).   Please pray for them as they are raising their funds before coming to Haiti.

We started a children’s choir, called the Cherubs Choir.  They are an inspiration to our church.

Michel and Louise  with their  five precious grandchildren.
Thank you for allowing us to work with the children of Haiti with your prayers and donations. We wish we could tell you in person, but due to the distance, we cannot.  Hopefully, you appreciate these photos that open a window on Haiti Ministries.  May God keeps you in His will and may He abundantly bless you.