Schools reopen!

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On April 5th, after having been closed for nearly three months, schools reopened under tents and tarps.  New statistics show that 83% of the schools have been damaged and/or destroyed. That is why the Haitian government decided to use tents for schools.  

One million people live under tents or shelters made out of tarps, bed linen and sheets metal.

 Our three goals for humanitarian aid are:

1- Tarps and tents distribution.  With the assistance we received, we were able to give out 250 tarps and 45 tents as well as food, clothing, medication and medical care.   

2- Our school building project.  Both our school and our church’s construction are going forward.  On May 16, we hope to be able to move into our new facilities.  Hopefully, our school will open  in September if we find the necessary personnel. 

3- Fix the damaged homes and rebuild the ones that collapsed during the earthquake. As soon as the Haitian government will grant the permission, we will start fixing homes.  We are looking for someone who will take charge of that project. 

Pastor John Edwards’ team from Fergus/Elora in Ontario

They made the spiral staircase.

They painted our church’s dining room.

Plumbers without Borders from Three Rivers, Quebec, accomplished a huge work.  They installed the plumbing for the washrooms and to recuperate the rain water. They also installed the plumbing from the water pump to the faucets. 

They also installed a submersible pump in the cistern’s cold water. 

Nelly, a twelve year old girl from our church died of a stomach problem after only three days of being sick.    Michel celebrated her funeral at our church.  She served the Lord.  

We are so thankful for your vital support.  Without your help, we would not be able to accomplish anything here. You allow us to continue the work in Haiti.

May God strengthen you and richly bless you.