2010 Elections and Riots

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Picture taken by Rod Meadth, the high school principal at QCS, from his windows on the Delmas Road and Delmas 75 street corner, five minutes from where we live.

We woke up this morning, December 8, to the sound of riots.  Since this morning, we can hear heavy weapons being shot.  It sounds like we are in the middle of a war.  Last night, some angry men threw broken cement blocks and rocks at our gate.  Last night, they published the results for the presidential election held on November 28. Some foreign observers say that the results are wrong.  There has been fraud.  None of the eighteen candidates obtained the majority. There will be a second round with Mirlande Manigat and Jude Célestin, the two candidates who obtained the most voices. Celestin is accused of fraud.  The third favorite candidate did not get enough votes to be on the ballot for the second tour. He is a popular musician called Sweet Mickey (Michel Martelly).  The mob invested the streets last night, burning tires and erecting barricades to demonstrate against the exclusion of Sweet Mickey, their candidate. Businesses and schools are closed.   There will be more demonstrations in the coming days.  They are trying to evacuate the people living under tents in Petionville who are in the middle of the riots.

For more pictures and videos, please check Rod’s blog at:  http://www.rodandbrit.blogspot.com/  and  www.lenouvelliste.com

Please pray for peace in Haiti.