Children’s Outreach and STM

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 In January 2014, I had a vision.  I saw the robe of Jesus floating in the air over the schools’ roofs.   Then, I heard these words: « I wait for you to enter into the schools to enter into the hearts . » During the following months, I asked myself how I could enter into the schools.  Three months later, we gave out tickets in thirty schools to invite the students to The Singing Cross concert.  But none of the schools gave us some time to share the Word of God.  Then, in October, a few schools open their doors to let us show some mimes and give a short message of salvation. In a public school that has two shifts, we had 30 minutes in the morning and more time with the afternoon group.  The following Sunday, what a surprise to see over 80 children and teenagers from that school coming to church.  The second Sunday, there was as many.   1 Samuel 3, 1 says : And the word of the LORD was precious in those days; there was no open vision. » Vision allows us to go with confidence in God’s direction.  We have to take care of the new converts.  




In February, a dynamic team from Bethel in Ottawa and Cornerstone in Cambridge, Ontario, joined us.


Air Canada offered the Cambridge team two free suitcases per person.  That is why they were able to bring lots of medication, clothing, toys, sheets, mats etc. 


We were so pleased to be able to give out food and mats to some families.




When we do visitation, we sometimes see funny things like this man who leash piglets who refuse to move!


The team also gave each 2 to 6 years old child a knitted doll.


Pastor Scott cutting iron for the table’s legs.


After assembling the wood and the legs, the tables get painted.


One of the columns blocked the view.  It was replaced by an iron post.  It was a precision work.


There is always some painting to do in the building. The ladies painted some of the basement benches.


On Sundays, we usually have two youth services: one for the 12 to 15 and the other for the 16 and up. But when we have a guest speaker, we gather together.  Pastor Scott Corckill spoke interpreted by Edner.   You could hear a pin drop.


Anthony D’Abramo from Ottawa introduced us to his artistic talents.  When the Kindergarten children returned to school after carnival, they applauded with joy.


Their class theme for this year is Birds.


During our day off, we went to Bouthillier where we can see the Caribbean sea and the city of Port-au-Prince. We also visited Fermathe, reputated for its terraced gardens.



If you would like to watch a short video on Haiti Ministries, please follow the link.

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Michel is available for Skype calls on most Sundays at 10:00 am Eastern Time to communicate with you and/or your congregation. It is cheaper than a plane ticket! In preparation for the call, you could send Michel some questions ahead of time. If you are interested, please send us a message at:


We count it a privilege to team up with you.  We thank you for both your financial and spiritual support.